How much do you charge?

All services, including intake assessment, report writing, consultation, parent training, and hourly sessions are charged at $105/hour.

Unfortunately, insurance rarely covers this form of intervention.  We encourage all families to be prepared to pay for our services out of pocket.  If you believe your insurance, HSA, or FSA may offer some coverage, we are happy to provide you with detailed invoice documentation, but do not have codes typically required for reimbursement.  Check with your healthcare provider for more information.  

Does Insurance Cover your services?

We offer a 10% discount if your child attends sessions during school year day time hours (9am-3pm, September-Mid June).   We also offer a 10% discount during the summer if your child participates in a 3-hour, 5-day/week summer intensive.   Financing options are available through Your Tuition Solution.  If your financial situation significantly limits your ability to pursue services, please discuss your options with the Clinic Director.   

Do you offer discounts or Financing?

Assessments are highly individualized, based on the intake information given.  Students typically take between 2-4 hours to complete necessary tests, and you are only charged for the time we use.  You can expect to go over the results at your scheduled consultation.

How long does an assessment take?

Can I use Previous testing if my child has already been assessed?

We will gladly use any recent and relevant testing available during our intake process.  We understand the headache of having to go through extensive testing more than once.  Whenever possible, we will glean the information we need from professional assessments or neuropsychological evaluations, and will only test areas we still deem necessary to look into based on your intake information.   

Though we use many of the same tests available for diagnosing learning disabilities, we do not provide any medical diagnosis at Lehman Learning.  We use assessments exclusively to inform our intervention recommendations for weak measured skills, and to ensure progress along the way.

Do you provide a medical diagnosis after testing?

How long do your programs take?

Intervention recommendations are highly individualized, and often include multiple programs to address the root causes of learning difficulties.  We construct an individualized learning report and plan for up to 3 phases of intervention that will meet the specific needs of your child.  We will begin by focusing on your child's most foundational skills through their Phase 1 programs, which typically runs for about 4-6 months, with some students needing an extended duration in order to meet their intervention goals.  You will revisit your child's intervention recommendations with your learning specialist after completing each phase to determine if you would like to continue with further phases of intervention.

How many weekly sessions does my child need to attend?

We require a minimum attendance of 2 days/week for 60 minutes.  Ideally, students will attend 3 days/week or more, for 90-minute sessions.  The more frequently your child attends sessions, the less home practice you must complete.  To achieve best results, frequency, intensity, and duration are necessary for each of our programs.  This typically requires at least 5 days/week of 30-60 minute practice, depending on the program.  If you are uncertain about your ability to consistently complete the necessary home practice requirement, please consider increasing the number of in clinic session days and/or hours.  This will ensure the necessary frequency, duration, and intensity are met for optimal results.

Each child starts our programs with specific goals created by the Clinic Director based on intake information.  Getting results depends on many factors, such as session frequency and home practice.  However, our driving goal in all intervention is to see changes that transfer to both home, school, and social environments.   When families are implementing programs as recommended, communicating regularly with their learning specialist, and providing feedback along the way, they often see changes in as early as a few weeks.  Because our programming targets underlying skills needed for broader success, subtle and smaller changes are often noticed before full goals are met.  Lasting results require full program completion, and as with all therapeutic interventions, individual results may vary.  

How long will it take to see changes?

Collecting ongoing parent and teacher input allows us to ensure we are meeting your child's learning needs along the way.  Our learning specialists will work closely with you to be sure that your questions are answered, your concerns are addressed, and your child's growth is celebrated.   Gaining your insights throughout their intervention is invaluable, and helps us make any necessary adjustments so that their hard work can transfer into real results in their lives at school, at home, and with friends.  You can expect to receive detailed progress notes from your child’s learning specialist every 8 weeks. 

How is progress measured?

Everyone deserves to find that their best self is possible when their best brain is available.  While most of our clients are ages 5-21, we also work with adults to achieve lasting results for a better brain and a better you.  

What ages do you work with?

Unfortunately, no.  Our programs require our learning specialists to have many resources at hand, and all scheduled sessions happen in our center.  We understand the challenge in juggling schedules to in get your child to our center each week.   We encourage parents to prepare family schedules appropriately.

Do you work in schools or in homes?

We have offered some of our programs through a distance platform for families unable to get to our center.  However, extensive initial training and regular ongoing feedback is crucial to program success.  If the distance to our center results in a significant challenge for your family, we will work to discuss alternative options for program goals and implementation.  

Do you provide distance intervention online or via skype?

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