Working Together

We understand how difficult change can be, and appreciate what an incredible investment of time, money, energy, and emotions go into completing our interventions.  We strive to work alongside you every step of the way to answer questions, address concerns, and work toward real results.  Unless your child is able to attend in-clinic sessions 5x/week, you will play a crucial role in implementing our programs at home so that your child can get the frequency, intensity, and duration needed for lasting change without extensive time in our center.  We simply can't achieve the results your child deserves without your help!

Mom and Dad working with 2 kids


What to Expect for Home Practice

Initial Parent Training

When you are ready to get started with scheduled sessions, your child's learning specialist will schedule an initial parent training to bring you up to speed on your child's recommended programs, as well as any home practice required each week.  This training is an important opportunity for you to go over program materials,  daily tracking, and general instructions. 

Ongoing parent training

Your learning specialist will reserve the last 10-15 minutes of your child's session, if necessary, to train you on the specifics of any new activities you haven't yet done for home practice.   You will never be assigned activities for home practice that you have not been trained to implement. 

Weekly expectations

Most of our programs require 5 days/week of practice in order to be effective, with a minimum of 2 days completed in clinic.  The duration of daily home practice will depend on your child's programs, and may range from 15 minutes - 1 hour.  We find that families who are able to commit to the assigned home practice each week are most satisfied with the results of our intervention.  We are unable to stand behind the efficacy of our programs if the recommended home practice is inconsistent or not completed.

Parent feedback

truly depend on your honest and consistent feedback throughout your child's intervention.  In addition to check-ins via email and in clinic, your learning specialist will provide you with a survey link each month that allows you to provide your valuable insights on how your child is progressing at home.  You will be asked to reflect on your child's general nutrition and sleeping habits, as well as consistency of home practice.  You will also be provided with a thorough checklist of skills that your child may recently have shown improvement on either at home or in school.  You are always encouraged to document specific questions, concerns, or celebrations along the way.  If you ever desire a more focused conversation regarding your child's progress, you may schedule additional time with your learning specialist or Cindy.   

At-home exercises are a vital part of our program and commitment to program implementation is essential to achieving and maintaining results.  Although individual results may vary, your hard work and commitment to program requirements and protocols of the program translate to greater success for your child and an investment that will be truly worth the sacrifice.