We are proud to have grown alongside our incredible students!  All stories included here are shared with the permission of our students and families, and in some cases, feature changed names or pictures to protect student privacy.


Gabriel, Age 11

“Gabriel is a bright, joyful 11 year old.  Though he is acknowledged to be extremely bright, Gabriel often experienced challenges when seeking to work independently in class on projects.  As his parents, we were searching for support for him for years - but never really finding the right fit, and in truth came up with very little to support him and his gifts, and it was really disheartening.  I have to say, it was the first space of relief I have had for so many years, stepping into Lehman, and then seeing changes so very clearly in my son.  The greatest change that I witnessed was his ability to "hear me" which was radically changed within the first few weeks.  It was beautiful to see him proud of his lessons and work, and witness his confidence growing, and the joy increasing as he progressed.  At school he has had straight A’s since entering 6th grade, and more often than not, he now says to me when I ask about homework, “I got it, Mom. I don’t need help.’ ”


Noah, Age 9

"Like many great parents, we did lots of research, we had Noah tested, we had many conversations with his teacher and the school administrators. Noah didn't have a medically diagnosable learning disability, so the school system wouldn't help him much, but something was definitely amiss. What concerned us the most is that Noah's previous love for learning was starting to dwindle as he noticed how much more effort he had to put into learning than his peers, or how far ahead his peers were progressing in certain areas.  Our 15 months at Lehman was the best investment we ever made in Noah's learning, and we'll do it again in a heartbeat if necessary to obtain additional tools. Noah loves to learn again and his report cards - although focused on outcomes vs. effort - nevertheless, demonstrate that he is reaching his potential, and excelling in fourth grade."

“...trouble maker to class leader.” 
"...overcoming the homework battle."


Chloe, age 8

"Our 2nd grader was doing great in word fluency and spelling in school, but her reading comprehension was in the tank. After a summer intensive and three hours per week over the next school year at Lehman Learning Solutions, she has developed many more strategies for reading comprehension and actually enjoys reading now! It's thrilling to see her choose to read a book instead of watching videos about something.  Our specialist was amazing. She was exactly the right specialist for Chloe.  I could often hear her working with Chloe while I waited in the front area, and her patience was amazing."


Nathan, age 11

"As Nathan was finishing Grade 3 he was well behind grade level in all his basic academic skills.  This was distressing for him to experience and his self esteem was declining.  He was self identifying as the worst kid in class.  The initial work Nathan did was targeted to address his foundational skills such as gross and fine motor and attention regulation.  Nathan has had such amazing growth since beginning his work at Lehman.  This growth has been tangible and visible in his work at school as well as in more abstract features of his development.  We are so pleased with the work he is doing now, and thankful for the excitement he has as he runs up the steps to work each week."


Maisy, Age 7

"LLS was a great program, and Maisy benefited from it.  She is doing great right now.  She is thriving in school and reads all the time.  Maisy's learning specialist was amazing.  She has a gift with children. The way she treated Maisy was amazing.  Maisy loved her because she made her feel special and smart.  She also had a unique way of describing things to Maisy. She was patient, kind and always went out of her way to accommodate Maisy and me.   I also really appreciate Cindy.  She has been kind to our family and has offered us advice and suggestions.  I really respect her insight and her honesty. "

" ...the greatest thing I ever saw... "

"College is now possible."


Joey, Age 10

"Our son had a lot of trouble paying attention and staying focused in school beginning in 3rd and 4th grades.  He also struggled with handwriting.  He was diagnosed with ADHD, and started to work at Lehman learning.  We noticed improvement in his school work and engagement at school.  His confidence increased.  During the summer, he stopped ADHD medication and worked for 7 weeks on PACE, ILS, handwriting exercises, and CORE.  He improved more and decided not to resume medications once school started.  By that time he had enough confidence in himself and in the skills he had built over the summer to begin the school year on solid footing.  He continues to have success and confidence with school work.  Most importantly, he is resilient when school work is challenging or overwhelming.  He does not get as overwhelmed as he did prior to working at Lehman learning."


Clara, age 12

"My daughter was (and still is) a voracious reader. In third grade, she tested at a 10th grade level for reading and comprehension.  Her spelling, however, was below grade level - she could not spell simple words like "she" and "stop." She was frustrated and embarrassed at school.  Diagnosed with dyslexia, it became clear that she had learned to read by memorizing the shape of words.  She could not sound them out when reading. She could not break apart the sounds of spoken words to be able to spell them.  Working at Lehman over the past 18 months has been life changing.  She has worked at improving her ability to hear and process sounds, using more effective methods to learn to spell or do math facts. While she will always have to work at spelling, she is no longer struggling. She has gained self confidence.  She is also an advocate for herself at school and teaches others about what it means to have dyslexia."


HAROLD, age 12

"My son Harold has always struggled with language skills.  We've taken a couple of different approaches to help him.  We finally got a diagnosis of Executive Functioning, which really explained so much to us about his issues.  When I found Lehman Learning I was so happy to hear about their approach.  The concept of retraining the brain, and building from the basics made so much sense to me.  The therapies he has completed have not "fixed" him, but I believe that they have improved him.  I think the long term effects are going to make a difference in his life.  Something else I find important is that through all this, I understand more.  Both my husband and I are able to handle Harold's issues so much better now. Understanding what the problems are and helping him work through the different therapies has help us immeasurably.  Having completed a year of therapy I am excited to move forward and see where his brain takes us."

Hope for Frustrated Parents

Hope for Frustrated Teens


Jake, Age 14

"Our experience at Lehman has been so positive!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about the program and our learning specialist.  She and Cindy have both been so accommodating with Jake and his needs.  Jake loves his learning specialist so much and he really enjoys coming every time.  He has never complained or not wanted to come.  That is success right there. I feel that every program he has been involved in has been beneficial for him."


Isaac, Age 12

Our son came to Lehman for help with executive functioning. He was struggling with focus in school and with completing his homework and assignments.  Arguments and tears were an almost nightly occurrence in our house.  Within a few months of starting Lehman and completing the PACE program, I came home from work and Isaac had completed his homework all by himself.... It was the first of many breakthroughs.  Isaac strengthened his ability to concentrate, became aware of his own learning style and learned how to be an advocate for himself at school.  I am so grateful for the Lehman Center - coming here was life-changing and has given Isaac confidence in his abilities and has brought peace to our family.


Jonah, Age 11

"We had an amazing experience at Lehman, and noticed incredible changes!  Our son improved so much.  He even was able to move from an IEP to a 504 plan and has transitioned to mostly being in charge of himself and his own learning (previously he needed a lot of support from us).  Our specialist was terrific.  Lehman was really a God send to us."

"I was intelligent, but..."

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