Brain-based Interventions

When a student loses confidence in school, lacks the motivation to engage, or is struggling to keep up in the classroom, it's time to look what can be done differently.  Moving through school with learning difficulties can feel a lot like riding in a bike race with a flat tire.  Significant problems often result when a child's underlying learning skills are not working as efficiently as they could. 

This can be changed.

Lehman Learning Solutions offers interventions that work to resolve learning challenges, not just accommodate them. Our mission is to work with students to fix the flat tire, so they can have the best chance of competing in the academic world with curiosity, confidence, and success.  With such an approach we can not only improve academic skills, but also develop and strengthen the competencies that enable students to regain their self-esteem and love for learning. 

Our schools are simply not equipped to provide the cognitive-based solutions that struggling students need and confused parents are searching for.  Traditional tutoring and special education services are often insufficient to correct the problem, providing temporary support for struggling learners rather than  resolving their learning problems. 

Proper assessment is needed to determine the root causes of learning difficulties, but educational assessments too often lead to no more than classroom accommodations or more academic instruction.

The Learning Skills Continuum

Our neuro-developmental Learning Skills Continuum provides a framework to understand and target the underlying skills needed for optimal learning to take place.  This pushes us to think beyond traditional tutoring, and instead utilize the brain's incredible plasticity to make a lasting impact on academic learning.  This continuum of learning includes:


reading, spelling, writing, and math

initiation, planning, attention, time-management, organization, emotional-control, and self-monitoring

memory, attention, processing speed, language, auditory processing, and visual processing

motor skills, coordination, balance, rhythm, timing, sensory integration, and body awareness and control


We have successfully addressed a wide variety of learning, attention and behavioral issues because we have programs that can effectively treat skills across this learning continuum.  More often than not, students struggling in school are dealing with weaknesses in more than one area.  Our approach leverages a variety of brain-based programs that work together to target weak skills and provide a strong foundation for success, always moving toward the goal of supporting academic success.

Intervention Timeline

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Explore Lehman Learning

We expect families to start out with plenty of questions, and want to be sure you get all the answers you need before jumping in.  Explore what we have to offer by visiting our clinic at a free parent information night, setting up a free initial phone consultation with our clinic director, getting references from former clients, and receiving a free book to read about the kinds of interventions we use with students like your child.

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Personalized Assessment

After learning more about your child, we will start with an in-depth, personalized assessment (while also incorporating relevant previous testing done) to get a better look at what underlying skills may not be supporting them well enough.  We will use this assessment, along with any parent and teacher feedback, to construct an individualized learning report and plan for up to 3 phases of intervention that will meet the specific needs of your child.   You will meet with Cindy Lehman for a formal consultation to review your child's report and recommendations, but are under no obligation to continue with services. 

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Intervention Plan

Once you decide to move forward with our programs, you will be connected with one of our incredible learning specialists to schedule a parent orientation before beginning your intervention plan.  Because our therapy is uniquely targeted to individual student needs, we will begin by focusing on your child's most foundational skills through their Phase 1 programs, which are determined by the results of your child's assessment.  Phase 1 typically runs for about 5-6 months, with some students needing an extended duration in order to meet their intervention goals.

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Weekly in-clinic Sessions

Your child will meet with their learning specialist one-on-one each week to ensure that their skills can develop with the frequency, intensity, and duration needed for lasting growth.  Regular sessions are based on your agreed-on schedule, typically lasting 60-90 minutes, 2-3 times per week.  Some families opt to address skills more intensively, working in clinic up to 5x/week.

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Home Practice

Your child's progress will require your consistent commitment each week to the activities assigned by your learning specialist to complete at home.  We will work alongside you every step of they way to train you in any new activities, problem-solve any obstacles that pop up, and develop healthy habits that support your child's continued growth.  

Checklist Icon for Progress Reports and Ongoing Feedback

Progress Reports & ongoing feedback

Collecting ongoing parent and teacher input allows us to ensure we are meeting your child's learning needs along the way.  Our learning specialists will work closely with you to be sure that your questions are answered, your concerns are addressed, and your child's growth is celebrated.   Gaining your insights throughout their intervention is invaluable, and helps us make any necessary adjustments so that their hard work can transfer into real results in their lives at school, at home, and with friends. 

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Post-intervention Testing to assess results

When your child has completed the first phase of their intervention plan, you will work with your learning specialist and our clinic director to assess progress made and make any necessary adjustments to recommendations for upcoming phases of intervention.  If you decide your child could benefit from working through another phase of intervention to target different skills, we will clarify new program goals before jumping in.  All of our programs use formal and informal assessments to measure progress, which enables us to work with you along the way to shift and address new goals before sending your child on their way.  

Getting Results

Lehman Learning Solutions is committed to reaching our goals and making your investment a life changing experience for both you and your child.  Brain changes are rooted in targeting specific skills with effective programs and applying them with frequency, intensity, and duration.  This is not a business model, but a brain model.  We have good outcomes when intervention protocols are utilized as directed and communication between parents and learning specialists is a priority.

Program interventions in all phases are highly individualized, as is the brain’s speed of response to intervention.  The length of recommended intervention is based on our best estimation of how long it will take to achieve individual program objectives.  In some cases, more time is required.  In all cases, close communication with your child’s learning specialist will enable you to know when your child is ready to transition to the next phase.